Internet forum

We want to develop OPEN WIND into a forum for sharing insights and experiences on our topics. Almost all links on this OPEN-WIND / Green Desert website are for information and communication purposes.

Improvement of living conditions
The focus is always on a self-determined, autonomous and lasting stabilization of the living conditions of people in developing countries but also on a self-sufficiency and independence of the personal environment everywhere in the world.

We would like to pass on the feedback on our topics and also further-reaching experiences via this website to all those who would like to and can do something with it.

These issues are important to us:

  • Use of wind energy
  • Obtaining drinking water for humans and animals
  • Land irrigation for agriculture
  • Use of electrical energy for different applications

Use contacts and disseminate information

We have many addresses of institutions that deal with our issues. Viktor compiled these addresses as part of his bachelor’s thesis.

Here we are looking for people who want to raise awareness of Green Desert and make and maintain targeted contact with individual addressees.
Through these addresses we want to make OPEN WIND as well known as possible in professional circles, so that our knowledge, skills and experience can be applied as beneficially as possible.
We need time and money for this.

One of Green Deserts’ long-term goals, in addition to offering concrete construction plans for the KUKATE wind turbines, is to establish an international scientific network as part of our development aid activities. Our own, constantly growing database with corresponding contact addresses will be helpful in this.

We are grateful for any new contact on our topics that we can receive and pass on through this website.