Wind generator

With the KUKATE34E with its simple tubular mast we complete the wind turbine range.

The electric version is a component of a decentralized power supply.
Revised this KUKATE stationary wheel system by Rodrigue Mpot Ntual. It delivers a wave power of more than 500 W at 7 m/s wind and that, if the location is favorable, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Even if it were only 250 W on average, this would add up to over 2000 kWh per year. If the diameter of the rotor was 4 m instead of 3.4 m., the yield would be almost 3000 kWh of “wave energy”, which will be somewhat reduced by the time it reaches the consumer due to conversion (generator), transport (cables) and storage (battery).

Users can also improvise a lot with this wind turbine and adapt it to local conditions.

Above the rotor shaft, we have left plenty of room for our own ideas. Depending on the requirements, the installation of various generators up to 1000 W is possible.

The necessary speed adjustment can be made via a selectable chain transmission or a toothed belt drive. Even a gear train finds its place.
Installation works especially well when such a gearbox is directly connected to the generator. This saves a coupling between the two.

The mast is foldable. You can fold it down with a rope or chain hoist and then work on the generator and the nacelle and control vanes at your leisure.

Membrane pump

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Rotor concepts

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