Partners and friends

Partners and friends

The great success of KUKATE34 would not have been possible without the far above-average commitment of students at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

Here is a selection of the graduates who have contributed significantly to the development, design, construction and testing of the KUKATE wind turbines with their bachelor and master theses:
Svenja Schiwek, Sandra Göbel, Torben Bankonier, Malte Rohwedder, Sergej Haas, Viktor Janz, Björn Selent, ‘ Oksana Brunk, Rodrigue Mpot Ntual Peter Dornieden, Clemens Valtinke, Abdal Hakar and many more …

The students were supervised in their exams by Prof. Dr. Horst Crome, who headed the largest wind energy test field for small wind turbines at the Senator for Labor in Bremen for 20 years. He is considered one of the most experienced wind energy experts. It has enabled the construction of hundreds of small wind turbines worldwide over the past 40 years.
Michael Gretenabeln sponsors and organizes the trial run of KUKATE34. He advises us with his ideas. He makes his workshop available to us and helps where he can.

Horst Crome
Michael Gretenabeln

Our partners

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International Rural Development Service
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Green Step
Foundation One World One Future
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