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An experienced team

An experienced teamOPEN-WIND enables people to use wind energy for their own safe and autonomous water supply. The way to achieve this is the successful construction and reliable operation of self-made wind pumps. Students, engineers, experts and inexperienced people under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Cromes participate in the OPEN WINDPUMP project on a voluntary basis. The experienced wind energy working group designed the concept, tests it practically and develops it further.

Simple metal construction is sufficient
To ensure that the KUKATE can be replicated anywhere in the world, we expressly dispense with industry standards. Knowledge of an elementary metal fabrication will suffice as a qualification. The most technically demanding activity is the welding of steel. In addition, there are measuring, sawing, drilling, soldering, bonding, screwing, corrosion protection and assembly.

Extensive material for free download:
Under these conditions, we developed realistic learning material for the replication of the wind pumps. These include, in addition to the

  • technical drawings also
  • three-dimensional images of the parts and assemblies,
  • Material Lists,
  • Tool lists and
  • Construction and assembly instructions.

The following projects can be found under this bullet point:

  • KUKATE34K wind pump with one piston pump
  • KUKATE34M wind pump with a diaphragm pump
  • KUKATE34E wind generator for power generation

Supplemented by the:

  • KUKATE rotor concepts with three different possibilities of rotor self-assembly

In the future – if funds and capacities allow – we will also deal with water reservoirs and with the special aspects of drinking water supply, land irrigation.

Archiving database

The development of a database is particularly close to our hearts. This is to archive knowledge and experience and make it available to all free of charge.