Membrane wind pump

For the KUKATE34M, everything that is already written under KUKATE34 Wind Pump applies – except for the pump.

The “M” stands for “Membrane”.
With this membrane pump designed by Sandra G. – ideal for land irrigation – we pursue the goal of pumping a lot of water from (shallow) depths of 1m to 3m.

The ingenious idea is to use a typical car tire as the heart of this pump.
It does not mind dry running either.

In the design case – at a wind speed of 6 – 7 m/s – it can pump approx. 10,000 liters of water per hour at a height difference of 3 m from a river or lake to land, according to our calculation, which has not yet been confirmed by practical experience. That would be over 200,000 liters of water per day.
Thus, a lake or a river near the KUKATE34M provide the water for the livestock watering or for agriculture, which are essential for survival.

We can take over 90% of the construction plans from the KUKATE34 here: In addition to the technical drawings, this also includes the three-dimensional illustrations of the parts and assemblies in the assembly instructions, the material lists, the tool lists as well as the assembly and installation instructions for the KUKATE34 piston pump.

Only the membrane pump with its necessary adjustments to the demand itself and the stroke height of the connecting rod at the rear rotor shaft end make the difference..