Who we are

OPEN WINDMILL by Green Desert

Green Desert is a non-profit organization that aims to empower many to become self-sufficient in water using wind energy. For this purpose, we provide extremely detailed and feasible wind turbine construction instructions free of charge on this website.

The founders of the association consist of members from the GreenDesert e.V. association, which was founded in 2008, and young engineers who studied design theory and wind energy utilization at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences under Professor Crome. For many years, Professor Crome headed the largest test field for small wind turbines in Europe.

“We believe a self-determined water supply is one of the indispensable prerequisites for a dignified life in security and peace.”

And that’s why we put our idea into action.

We finance our activities through membership fees and donations

These serve to carry out engineering tests, further developments and the dissemination of knowledge on all continents, as well as to translate the construction plans into as many languages as possible.

We would like to establish and organize an international exchange of experience via a network.

Origin and OPEN WIND idea


The Start

In our early days, we worked mainly on our own research projects, such as a seawater desalination plant, a water pump, and also on the development of sustainable agricultural concepts.


Workshops in Gambia

During these years, we advised and supported a development aid project in New Yundum, The Gambia.
We conducted one-month workshops on various topics at half-yearly intervals.

2010 to 2013

Idea: KUKATE34 Wind pumps

From now on, we focused on concepts for a safe and reliable water supply.
With the help of a successful networking of engineering sciences and craftsmanship, we succeeded in designing, building and successfully testing a modular wind water pump as an example. With the wind turbines of the KUKATE34 series developed by Professor Dr. Horst Crome, we have succeeded convincingly.

In this context, we are always looking for suitable OPEN-WINDMILL project projects all over the world, which we can successfully support with our offer.

from 2016