Water pumping
through wind pumps

Free mediation of technical solutions

Development of simple technical solutions for water pumping with wind pumps for self-supply - especially in less developed countries with water shortage.

The basis for this is provided by complex mechanical engineering and aerodynamic theories which are prepared by us in a practice-oriented manner.

In accordance with local, cultural and economic conditions

The pumps can be manufactured with materials that are easy to obtain almost anywhere.

Craftsmen and people with basic technical knowledge in the field of metal construction are addressed and motivated as target groups. They can rebuild and operate our wind pumps.

The building instructions are freely available

We focus on the development of easy-to-understand construction manuals and technical documentation for wind pumps. These are published freely accessible worldwide as open source.

Wind pump

Membrane pump

> Construction manual
> Parts list
> Technical drawings

Rotor concepts

> Construction manual
> Parts list
> Technical drawings

> Construction manual
> Parts list
> Technical drawings


Scope for improvisations of all kinds

Our designs leave a lot of room for improvisations of all kinds, in order to be able to adapt the basic function of water pumping to local wishes and possibilities.
For example, the mast height, the delivery depth, the adjustment of the control, the rotor size, the pump type (piston or diaphragm pump) itself and the desired water quantity can be varied.


Autonomy and personal responsibility as a goal

This realized goal of being able to practice autonomy and ownership of vital water procurement itself safely on site is the genius of our technological thinking.


Economically, ecologically and politically adapted technology

Our water self-supply concept, which is suitable for so many parts of the world, meets criteria of an economically, ecologically and politically adapted technology. Wind energy use is one of the soft technologies. It places a marginal burden on people and the environment. It is inexhaustible.


KUKATE wind turbines are extremely simple in design

KUKATE wind turbines have a size that can be handled by humans without the need for large transport or lifting equipment. They are extremely simple in design – no pneumatics, hydraulics or electronics. Capital costs are low because of the do-it-yourself construction. The materials used do not lose their value and are completely recyclable.


Research and practical relevance are guaranteed

Wherever possible, we carry out our research and performance activities in an integrated and local manner. This ensures that the:

  • Relevance of the research for the benefit of the local population, the
  • Maximizing local creativity, the
  • Participation of local residents in technological developments and the
  • Synchronization of research with practical experience.