Please contact us if you would like to support us in a practical way

For testing new construction ideas, you can help us if you know something about model or steel construction.

Even better, if you can also access a metal workshop or even a training workshop.
We have generated all designs with the help of CAD. If you can use such a program privately, at your college or university, you are potentially a help to us. Please get in touch. There is always something to do.

If you need a topic for a term paper, project or thesis for your training or studies – we may be able to support you.

Please also contact us if you have any suggestions for improvement:

  • If you have built a KUKATE, share your experience with us.
  • Can we improve the design?
  • Should we change the building instructions?
  • If your plant is working, send us data and experience.
  • I’m sure many can learn from your use of pumped water as well!

Your foreign language skills are in demand

First, we have all KUKATE constructions in German and English. Since as many people as possible can use our offer via the Internet, we need many translations.
Whether Danish, Spanish or Chinese, Korean or Turkish – all languages help us to get closer to the goal of a worldwide, autonomous and self-determined water supply.
First of all, the building instructions are the most important. First of all, the building instructions are the most important.
If you are technically savvy and can handle the terminology, you can help realize our wonderful idea. Please get in touch!